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Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is used to determine weaknesses and vulnerabilities of a target system and apply correct security measures preventing future breaches.


IT consulting and project delivery. Every start-up business need a solid IT foundations to be prepared for any eventualities and be flexible to expand in the future.


From managing your Word Press site ensuring it remains up to date to more complex Linux based systems.

In 2004 we began to provide Sterling silver jewellery to the UK jewellery trade. Some of our items you might find very familiar as many of the UK retailers stock our products. We ensure only the highest quality is delivered that allowed us to establish a firm presence in the industry and constantly expand our range of jewellery.

In 2008 First trade supply chain website launched to supply and resupply UK jewellery buyers. Our stock was now available to buyers hundreds of miles away at a click of a button. This was still a very revolutionary move given most jewellers didn’t even have a web presence. In time it became a template for other suppliers to implement similar innovations.

In 2012 Jewellery Marketplace Wholesale was launched to replace the original, out of date web systems for a far more sophisticated content management system we use till this day. This is the result of careful planning and understanding the industry so businesses do not need a complete new solution every few years.

Buy jewellery for your shop or your wholesale business


  • Buy jewellery for your shop or wholesale business.
  • Buy jewellery for your shop or wholesale business.
  • Buy jewellery for your shop or wholesale business.
  • Buy jewellery for your shop or wholesale business.

In 2017 Jewellery Marketplace was launched and offered to UK jewellers, workshops and jewellery trade suppliers. It is a full marketplace platform designed specifically for the jewellery industry. It attracts customers who not only want to support local trade but also need the assurance of buying a genuine product form a genuine seller.

Our company was built on a solid IT foundations allowing flexibility and growth without the need of major investments every few years. We believe your systems should not only look good but also perform its tasks for many years to come and without the need of starting from scratch each time a new innovations or new web standards are enforced.

You can take advantage of our Hi-End enterprise systems and our expertise in the e-commerce and cloud telephony field. We have tons of spare capacity ensuring your website hosted with us will always loads up fast regardless of time of day. With our backup solutions you can rest easy your systems are securely backed up and can be easily restored.








  • Ethical hacking is used to determine and eliminate weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems. Call our security experts today.
  • Our network monitor filters and display all your office traffic in a list to show you what sites your employees visit. It will also block all advertising and any sites you choose to block.
  •  We provide Linux based, cPanel hosting solution for advanced web operations. All of our advanced hosting plans include ssl green padlock so you can run safe and secure E-commerce website.
  •  We also provide a very simple solution for small traders outside the jewellery trade who need to get online with a simple yet elegant online presence.